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Old News 2014


Viking Con 33 has passed and the tournament winner of the IPA - The Agents has been found. Congratulations to Anders Nørgård Gravesen who won. See the champion on our Facebook site.



IPA - The Agents will be displayed by Dungeons and Dreadnoughts at Eastern Michigan University, USA, on September 29.



We have made a new introduction video to IPA - The Agents. The game is explained in about 7 minutes and should give an insight to the game and its mechanics.



Try out IPA - The Agents at this year's The Cast are Dice board gaming weekend. Participants will have the chance of winning a copy of the game during this event.

The event will be held at Stoke-on-Trent 6th Form College; England,

on Saturday 9th August and Sunday 10th August 2014.



We have updated the game mode "Vampiric Elite". It is still in beta, but we are getting closer now.



We have returned from Birmingham and we are still awed by the great expo. You can find pictures from the UK GAMES EXPO on our facebook page.

We want thank all the great people we met in Birmingham and a special thanks goes out to:

- the team from the UK GAMES EXPO who have put a lot of work into this event.

- the team behind the marvellous card game Lords of War. Be sure to check out their game. We love it!

- the very nice team behind Meeples' Corner which is an online store that is definitely worth the look.

- and, of course, the Muffin man.



We have launched our new layout for Mougil Entertainment. Now it is more easy to navigate on smartphones. Just click the pictures to get around.



We are happy to inform you that Mougil Entertainment will join the UK GAMES EXPO in Birmingham in May 2014.



Happy Ney Year!

We are currently trying to finish our work on a new way of playing IPA - The Agents. In short, we are trying to get rid of the player elimination part of the game, so everyone can play till the end of the game. More over the game will be able to be played by up to 8 players with small adjustments.

We call the new game mode Vampiric Elite. You are welcome to check it out via the link. We are still in the beta testing phase, so any constructive criticism is very welcome.