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Doctor What

The life of Doctor What has always been of a turbulent nature. His drug addicted parents never paid much attention to him, except for the times when they felt he was in need of some spanking. None of the neighbors dared to notify the authorities and neither did they care. They had enough problems on their own. 
In school he quickly found himself in the role of a bully. Here he could let loose of his pent-up rage and despair on innocent fellow pupils. One day, however, he came home to the sight of his two dead parents in the living room. His parents had died of an overdose. 

He was brought into a foster home. His new foster parents lived in another part of the city. His foster mother, a children's psychiatrist, hoped that a change in his environment, would make a difference in his troublesome behavior. Therefore Doctor What changed school. Unfortunately, he stayed in the role of a bully. 

His foster father, a Doctor and coroner, brought him to work one day, because his wife was sick and needed the rest. By accident Doctor What came face to face with a corpse inside a room, he was told not to enter. At first his foster father was terrified because Doctor What had seen a corpse. He calmed down quickly when he realized that the encounter with the corpse had not affected Doctor What much. All that day Doctor What asked about the corpse and when they could visit his foster father's work again. They made an agreement that day. As long as Doctor What stayed out of trouble and paid attention in school, he was allowed to visit the coroner's office once a week. For many years this deal was honored. Doctor What learned a lot both in school but also about a coroner's work. He was a great help to his foster father who was impressed by the desire and knowledge Doctor What displayed at work. They built up a strong bond. 

Doctor What wanted to walk in his foster father's footsteps and was admitted into medical school. He did very well, but he missed the excitement of working with the dead. This lead to yet another dark chapter in his life. He joined a gang where he acted as the gang doctor. He was greatly appreciated by his gang as he was not only able to take care of their injured, but he could give the gang advice on how to commit crimes that were nearly impossible to solve by the police. His time with the gang widened his knowledge of life and dead as he could make illegal experiments on rivaling gang members. Of course, this could not pass unnoticed by the rivaling gangs. He soon would be known as "Doctor Insane". His experiments became wilder and wilder and the other gangs and even members of his own gang felt they had to take action against his insanity. Finally, he was assassinated by one of his own gang members. He survived the assassination, but the event made him reconsider his choices in life. 

He moved to another city, got his doctor's degree and started working as a coroner. One day an organization offered him a job on planet Nuptan, where he was to investigate a murder on an alien of an unknown race. Hungering for more exciting adventures he accepted their offer. During the mission he heard a fire fight near the site of investigation. His curiosity led him to the scene of the battle, he had heard only minutes before. The ground was smeared in blood and corpses. Doctor What was able to save one of the fallen men who was near death. As faith would have it, the man was an agency agent. Doctor What was filled with adrenaline and knew this would be a way he could combine his lust for excitement with doing something good in general. He applied to the agency and was accepted into their program.

Now he works as a field doctor and coroner for the agency. He is a fair melee fighter, but an excellent healer.  







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