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The parents of Wally met and fell in love working as scientists for the agency. Here they studied some of the powerful items found on the expeditions. Wally grew up listening to his parents' stories of the mighty items they worked on, and the great races that had the abilities to control some of these items. When he turned 7, he got his first construct that enabled his brain to work at double pace. From then on Wally's knowledge grew at an unbelievable pace. After a year he was admitted into a school for gifted children.    

At the age of 10 Wally's secure and happy life was turned upside down, when Wally lost both his parents. An experiment trying to unlock secrets from a rare space manipulation went terribly wrong at the agency. Many people died that fateful day. The corpses of Wally's parents and the other scientists, exploring the possibilities of the space manipulation, were never found. 

Wally was adopted by a scientist and close friend of his parents. 
Wally's interest in space exploration and space manipulations grew stronger for every passing day, and it was only a matter of time, before he started working as a scientist for the agency. He was a great asset and he had a real flair for the scientific work as he unlocked numerous secrets. As faith would have it, he was allowed to reopen an old project on projections and space travel. Incidentally, this was the project his parents had worked on. After a few years he discovered that the space manipulation was charged by a wrong type of energy making it unreliable. He soon came to the thesis that his parents had not died on that dreadful day, but instead they were transported to another planet concealing an item that could work as an exit point. The only way of finding this exit point would be to find the right energy source. 
Wally got obsessed by the thought of his parents still being alive and applied as an agent. He was turned down. Wally did not take no for an answer, and after a few years he was sent on his first assignment for the agency and displayed a real talent in the field.

Now Wally is both an agent and a field scientist, which makes him invaluable to the agency. But even more important, now he improves the chances of finding the unique energy source. 












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