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Sylvestre Alone

Sylvestre was brought up in the suburbs of one of Earth's giant cities. He was a very popular boy, did well in school and was a promising athlete. 
His parents were beloved teachers, cherished by the community because of their dedicated work with underprivileged children and families. Through the  great example of his parents, Sylvestre learned the appreciation of helping others. In his early teenage years, he aided his parents on small assignments contributing lots of hours of his spare time. After only a few years he did not feel the same satisfaction of helping the community. He felt that his aiding efforts were useless. For every person that he helped, a new person would surface in need of help. The whole way society was built up, meant that some would be born into a rich and nurturing environment, while others would be born into poverty. Breaking with these birth-given roles were close to impossible. Sylvestre hated the fact that some people would starve while others lived a life in the fast lane owning many cars and houses. Sylvestre came to the conclusion that he had to find alternative ways of helping people in need. His indignation steered him towards crimes against the rich and as a modern age Robin Hood, he became a media sensation. He was hated by the rich and loved by the poor and the media. For approximately one year he managed to stay aloof of the law, but finally he was caught and sentenced. Because of his low age, no prior history of crimes and an uncommonly huge media coverage, his sentence was shortened drastically. Sylvestre realized his naive way of helping was a failure and he regretted his involvement in crime. In jail he studied law and joined a special sports program sponsored by the agency. Upon chance a retired agent of the agency took interest in Sylvestre and visited him numerous times. Sylvestre was introduced to the agency and he saw a new possibility in aiding all of Earth.

Although the agency usually did not admit people with a record of crimes into its academy, Sylvestre was given a second chance because of a reference from a retired agent. 

Now, Sylvestre is a revered agent looking for ways of aiding all in need. He is a versatile agent capable of using numerous weapon types.









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