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Music has always been a big part of Ronni's life. In his early years, Ronni's musical talent was clear to everyone who saw him strutting about. It seemed as if he had a different way of conceiving music. 
When he started school, Ronni was able to compose his own music and could play a multitude of musical instruments. As he grew older, the array of his interests grew bigger. Especially fencing, chemistry and physics fascinated him. 

In college he and two of his fellow students commenced on a project molding sound waves into a physical substance (sound forging). Lacking the proper funding for the project, they addressed the agency hoping that it would be interested in the project. The agency saw the potential of the project and sponsored it both financially and in raw man power. This secured the agency the rights to the popular sound wave swords (SWS) which are used by many agents today. 

Ronni joined the agency as a scientist improving and researching the possibilities of sound forging. 
On a mission, on planet Nuptan, his party was attacked and after a brutal battle the party was killed. Ronni, though injured badly, was the only survivor as he had been left for dead by the attackers. Fortunately, a field doctor was present nearby and could save Ronni before he drew his last breath. After a large-scale investigation the agency discovered that the party had been attacked by a mix of in-active and active agency agents who were working on a non-agency related mission. For the first time in the history of the agency, it had experienced traitors within its employees. The agency, lead by Ronni, initiated a comprehensive hunt for the perpetrators to bring them to justice and set an example of what would become of any agents going rogue. 

Today, Ronni is captain of a special task force whose sole goal is to apprehend agents working for dubious organizations and people outside the agency that pose a threat to the agency, its people and its ideals. Ronni is a formidable melee fighter, and his uniquely sound forged SWS is known as the Excalibur of sound wave swords.







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