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Mad Groener

At an abnormally young age Mad Groenner was introduced to firearms. His father was a gun enthusiast and hunter. His father brought up his son with anything involving guns, and guns became as normal to Mad Groenner as clothes and food. 
Before he could tie his shoes, he had learned how to dismantle a riffle and assemble it again. At the age of five Mad Groenner went on his first hunting trip with his father. He did not release a shot that day, as his father thought it would be irresponsible of him to let him release a shot the first time his son went hunting. Mad Groenner had to wait until their next hunting trip together to release a lethal shot to an injured deer. 

As time went by Mad Groenner's passion for guns rose to the level of his father's passion. But Mad Groenner wanted more than just shooting animals, he wanted to know about the mechanics and history of guns. 
He became very interested in physics and chemistry at school where he made some experiments that had him expelled from school a couple of times. 
He went on to university taking a degree in weapon engineering. His teacher and he invented a couple of weapons together and his teacher was very impressed by Mad Groenner's ingenuity. Mad Groenner tried many of the prototypes on the hunting trips he and his father went on. Not all weapons were suited for hunting though, but it was a great way to experiment with the weapons. 
After graduation his teacher had arranged for Mad Groenner to meet with the agency. 

Now, he is an active agent and weapons engineer for the agency. He prefers using ranged weapons. Especially a specific type of laser gun, he has engineered for the agency, is brought with him on every mission he participates in.











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