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Chill Jill

During its early space exploration, the agency came across a lush planet with highly evolved inhabitants, the Clonarcs. The Clonarian people is a proud people with many traditions that mean the world to them. Unfortunately, when the agents of the agency first set foot on Clonarian ground, the Clonarcs were infested by germs that the Clonarian people were not resistant to. Fortunately, the germs were not airborne and the loses were kept to a minimum. Although filled with grief, the Clonarians were able to set aside their loses and talk peace with the agency. 

A friendship and research partnership grew strong between the agency and the Clonarc people. The first joint research project that was realized was an antidote to the germs carried by many agents of the agency. Today, the Clonarians are a strong ally and a great research partner. 
Chill Jill is one of many Clonarians that have immigrated to planet Earth. She is a formidable melee fighter, although her fighting style is alternate. She has mastered the ability, given to her by her lethal sword, Teeth of the Pond Fang, to perfection. This sword enables her of jumping over far distances dealing devastating blows to her adversaries. 

Not many know her real name, but the reason how she has got her nickname is no secret. On her first missions her incredible physique impressed and astounded many. After a frantic battle against a hostile group of space poachers, one of her colleagues went up to her and told her to take a chill pill. This was heard as Chill Jill. At that time the ability of her sword was not known by any within the agency. The scientists just knew that it was incredibly durable, and infused the wielder more energy. While playing around with the sword in one of her training sessions, Chill Jill stumbled across its secret ability by chance. She has been improving and adapting her fighting style to the sword ever since, and now she is the undisputed master of this fighting style.









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