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Items of the IPA


The agency has many Space Shops at its disposal. The shops have been developed primarily for two reasons.

First, giving the agents of the agency an advantage on their missions.

Second, the agency wants to secure as many rare items found on the agents' missions as possible.

A shop is normally situated in orbit near the agents' location in the field. The shops use a space tunneling system that enables items to be send from one location to another with an incredible speed and great reliability. In the shops agents are able to sell items found on their missions. Items are directly tunneled from the shop to the agency for further intelligence gathering. 
More over agents can buy other types of goods in the shop that will provide them with extra advantages on their missions.

Every agent has been provided with a device that works much like an advanced GPS. This device secures that the goods, bought in the shop, are delivered to the correct location near the agent.

Click pictures for further information on each type of item that can be found. The Space Shop offers a whole range of field equipment and injections for the agents' prowess.

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