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Information on IPA - The Agents


As an agent of "the Agency", you are among a few carefully selected agents, who must make sure that the secrets of the universe will fall into the right hands. The hands of your agency.
IPA -The Agents is a player vs. player game (all vs all or in teams), where up to 4 players fight each other in their search for better and better items. From a shared deck the players draw cards (items) that can be used in battle or you can choose to sell the cards to either buy new equipment which is placed on the gameboard or for buying temporary boosts for your agent.

There is a huge tactical depth in the game and it may be necessary for you to alter your strategy during the game. Apart from the movement of your agent and its physical equipment, the way you choose to use your cards and when will have a enormous impact on whether you or an adversary will win the game.
With small RPG elements we have secured a more balanced game. With the RPG mechanic it is impossible to make use of the best cards in the game from the very start. Suddenly you find yourself in the dilemma whether you should keep the card for later use or sell it. The number of cards you can hold in your hand is limited.

Because of the way the game is build we have made sure that there is a great replay value in the game. The appearance and feel of the game differs in every time you play. Alternatively, you can play from a preset setup every time.
The game is packed with a wealth of dice, cards and tiles. Everything you need.
The game also contains alternative rules where you, among other things, can adjust the luck factor of the game, so it fits your gaming temper.

We have experimented with a new kind of artform. Every picture is a uniquely hand painted painting made by a Danish artist.

There are many tutorials on our website and we try to make tutorials on request from our fans, if we find a need for it. 

The game may look complex, but most players get into the mechanics/dynamics quickly. When we attended the boardgame expo at Essen 2013, we saw that most players had understood and gotten into the mechanics after only 5-6 turns into the game.  

We are in the Beta phase of a new game mode called "Vampiric Elite", which "kills" the player-elimination" part of the game. All players stay in the game until it ends, thus dealing with "Player Elimination" that some people do not like. Instead the winner is found by a unique point system that awards being a good, but somewhat aggressive, tactician. You must be able to deal the most damage possible while staying aloof of enemy attacks. The whole point system is monitored by the agents' life.
In this game mode it is possible for up to 8 players to participate.

Don't miss out on a tactical treat.