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History of the IPA


History of the Intergalactic Protection Agency. 

The Intergalactic Protection Agency (IPA)was founded in the early 1900’s, Earth time, when the first intergalactic interaction took place on planet Nuptan. The inhabitants of Nuptan, the Topus, were visited by the Genarr, a nation of great explorers. A strong friendship quickly flourished between the two races.

The two races exchanged a lot of information, and they commenced exploring and map the universe. As the two races explored the universe, they came to meet an abundance of new races. Most planets were inhabited by lowly evolved animals, but on some planets intelligent life forms were encountered. It soon became clear that not all races were to be relied upon. So the government of Nuptan, known as the Blue Council, founded the IPA.

The primary objective of the agency was to protect all planets and its races from exploitation, extinction and possible wars. In short keeping peace and order. Another prime aspect of the agency was space exploration and the study of the evolution of races. 

Today, the IPA is no longer controlled by the Blue Council. The Blue Council realized the importance of keeping state and business apart making the agency impartial and thus more trustworthy for alien civilizations. But the Blue Council was also afraid that making the agency privately owned could cause corruption and thus forgetting the spirit in which the agency was intended. This is the reason why the IPA is run by carefully selected individuals chosen by the foreign ministers of the Allied Planets and key sponsors.

The agency still strives to aid scientists of the Allied Planets by exploration and by getting access to important information on technologies and secrets of other planets and galaxies. The agency gets the majority of its funding from sponsors that all have different interests in supporting the IPA. The sponsors pay a lot of money for the services of the agency and expect a great deal for their investments. This means that the IPA makes sure that its agents are the best of the best.  

For a substantial amount of money private organizations may buy the services of the agency. Usually the service involves keeping scientists safe while they work on hazardous projects. The agency operates for the Allied Planets and the sponsors of the IPA. Sometimes the interests of the Allied Planets and the sponsors clash causing the agents to work against each other without their knowledge.