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Downloads for "IPA - The Agents"


In the download section you can find helpful things for IPA - The Agents and new game modes that alters the way you play the game. More game modes will be added to this section. At the moment Vampiric Elite is in BETA testing and another game mode that will change the gameplay and feeling of IPA - The Agents drastically is also under development. All these downloads are free.

We, at Mougil Entertainment, enjoy playing the game using only 1 dice for the Defensive roll of agents and 2 dice for the Defensive roll of Field Equipment.

Veteran Knowledge (expansion)

Short information: Veteran Knowledge is a small expansion to the game, meant for players who want more choices and possibilities.
In Veteran Knowledge all Field Equipment will be able to get one more upgrade and there is the possibility of buying SP for your credits.

Vampiric Elite Game Mode (2 - 8 players)

Short information: The player elimination of the game has been terminated in this game mode making it
possible for all players to play the game until a winner has been found or a time limit expires.

Mercenaries Game Mode

An alternative way of playing the game. You will take control of both an agent and a mercenary.


Upon request we have made an overview of different things in IPA - The Agents. The overview covers:
- The cards that appear more than once in the deck of cards and how many there are of each in a normal IPA-deck of cards.
- A quick round up of the UE's different powers.
- What you do after each turn cycle and other helpful reminders for the game.
- and some other useful details.

Mini Overview

We have made a smaller overview that is helpful only to the in-game stuff. The pdf can be cut into two making 2 small charts.

German Rules

Download the rules in German.

Danish Rules

Download the rules in Danish.