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The father of Christy was a highly decorated general in the air force. As such raising a disciplined child was of the utmost importance to him. His ways of bringing up a child were strict but fair. His little girl turned out to be ever as much the boy, he had wished for. At home her father taught her martial arts, discipline and respect. The bond between Christy and her father grew stronger for every passing day. 
Being the daughter of a general she was taught to stand up for herself and others. And so she did. She was the tough kid at school, who nobody dared to cross. They knew the response would be quick and relentless. 
At the age of twenty Christy's father was killed in a tragic air show accident.

Her grief was great and in an act of frustration she joined a group of mercenaries called "the Sandmen". This group operated on high risk missions on planets within the nearest sun systems. In her time with the Sandmen she evolved her fighting skills and she expanded her knowledge of the various worlds she visited. Her group was disbanded because of trust issues within the ranks. Christy was relieved not to be part of the Sandmen anymore. She suspected that not all their missions had been fully legit. 
She joined the agency soon after the disbanding of the Sandmen. 

Christy is a good support to any team. Her  way of combining flash grenades with hardcore melee attacks are unparalleled.







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