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Allan Beyer

Allan's Mother was an important diplomat on planet Genarr, a planet inhabited by a race of the same name. The Genarr mainly communicate via brain waves, therefore Allan was equipped with a construct that was able to translate these brain waves into speech and vice versa. Needless to say, his upbringing differed from that of other human boys'. He was well accepted by his Genarrian counterparts, although they did tease him a bit by entering his state of mind and in rare cases controlling it. For most races who had ever  fought the Genarr, these were infamous abilities that were deeply feared, but in the case of Allan and his school mates it was all in good fun. As he grew older, Allan even learned how to fend off most invasions of his mind. A feat only a handful of humans master. 
In school Allan was taught to use parts of his brain which humans on Earth rarely used. At home he was taught in the customs of humans by a private tutor. 

Allan loved travelling to other worlds with his mother, when she went on her diplomatic trips. At the age of nineteen he had already experienced many unbelievable things. His first encounter with the agency happened when a delegation from Earth was held hostage with his mother and him. The terrorists were captured swiftly without any loses by the agency agents. From that day on, Allan wanted to be an agent. His mother, however, did not like the thought of him being involved in such a hazardous occupation and tried luring him away from that thought. But no matter what she did, she could not change his mind. She knew she would have to let him follow his heart or she would lose him. She made an agreement with him making him promise to take an education in diplomacy first. 

Now, Allan works for the agency as a highly respected diplomat and a tough agent. He prefers to let adversaries give themselves up, but he does not hesitate to let loose a volley of bullets against his target, if he feels the least threatened. 
His favorite weapon is an advanced shot gun with significant Genarrian changes and fixes done to it.







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