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Agents of the IPA


The agents of the agency are all equipped with a special suit made of a rare fabric found on planet Itcharkarr. The suit enhances the agents' movement speed and adds protection against many types of firearms. 
Furthermore the agents carry with them a device that works much like an advanced GPS. In this way the agency can keep track of their agents and aid them in the best possible way. The device secures an agent immediate access to a space shop near the agent's site of operation. 
Every agent is also equipped with a small contraption (construct) that enables the agents of using many different alien items. Every day the agency gathers new information on new and old items that has been found or traded. Thus the contraption is updated daily, to make sure that the agents have the best equipment available.

There are still items whose secrets the agency has not yet unlocked. Once in a while agents come across new items unknown to the agency. The scientists of the agency study these items, and hopefully the scientist will unlock their secrets.

Some of our finest agents are listed here. 
To get more information about the agents click their corresponding picture.






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