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About Mougil Entertainment

Mougil Entertainment is a small Danish business founded in 2011. It is the goal of Mougil Entertainment to develop games that are both fun and challenging. Focussing on gameplay and the replay value of games, Mougil Entertainment strives to be renown as a company that creates games of great quality. For this reason no games will be released by Mougil Entertainment unless the company can fully vouch for them. At the moment the focus of Mougil Entertainment is on creating board games.


How Mougil Entertainment became a reality.

As a teacher I am sometimes met with wishes from my students to create new things for my lessons. In 2010 a girl from my, at that time, 6th grade asked me to create a game for them. I thought, it could be fun and challenging for me and I accepted her enquiry. As time went by I became deeply engrossed in the game and suddenly I was in possession of a product which felt so stable that I started to consider venturing into the market of board games.

I made research on how and what to do, when you want to release a game. I carefully weighed pros and cons of the different possibilities that were around. During the process I got in contact with a very helpful man from the former company, Moxibox, who helped me through the whole production phase. Thank you, Martin.

I founded Mougil Entertainment in 2011 and hereafter some years of working on the completion of my first game, IPA - The Agents, commenced. Underway I have got a lot of help from my friends and family. A thousand thanks to you all.






President of
Mougil Entertainment
Allan Beyer
Merete Beyer
Contact information:
Mougil Entertainment
Soender Bjergevej 211
4261 Dalmose